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About Back Forty:
Late night drinks and impromptu jam sessions turned three musicians into one of the hottest power trios in the Midwest. Lighting up local bars and backyards the only sure thing is where The Back Forty goes, good times are soon to follow. The addition of rock legend Nick Wieman has only served to boost the band into local legend status….good times just got better



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Doors 8pm    |    19+ Show    |    $10 in Advance / $12 Day of Show


Look out your window.

Whether you’re in a Manhattan hi-rise or at a truck stop somewhere off a Midwestern interstate, keep your eyes open. Bart Crow is coming your way.

Always known as “the nice guy” with a smile on his face, the tides are turning and the gloves are coming off. Bart Crow is still the kind of guy and artist fans in the South and Midwest have grown to love. But on his new album The Parade, boundaries disappear and things are getting real.

The road-toughened troubadour and his band have already logged thousands of miles playing 130+ dates a year in front of loyal rowdy crowds at far-flung, late-night clubs and concert halls all over Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska and beyond. It’s his music that draws them — a tangle of roots in blues, country and down-home rock ‘n’ roll, branded with his unique imprint. They hear their lives in his lyrics, written in the tradition of Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle and other true-life troubadours….Read More




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Doors 8pm    |    18+ Show    |    $10 in Advance // $15 Day of Show




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Before the Game:
Sidetrack Band

After the Game:
Back Forty


Late night drinks and impromptu jam sessions turned three musicians into one of the hottest power trios in the Midwest. Lighting up local bars and backyards the only sure thing is where The Back Forty goes, good times are soon to follow. The addition of rock legend Nick Wieman has only served to boost the band into local legend status….good times just got better



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Doors 8pm    |    19+ Show    |    $12 in Advance / $15 Day of Show


Stoney LaRue makes real-life, thinking man’s music.

Seriously, how many other singer-songwriters would say this kind of thing about their own output: “You have to be careful about what you put out there and what you sing about, because it’s a little like the Laws of Attraction,” LaRue says. “You’ve either lived it or written about it, or you’re writing about it and you’re gonna.” So much country music today chases inexact images of imaginary roads leading to nowhere, allegedly ambling a pickup truck down dusty roads to some idealized, nonexistent party.

The Texas native-turned-longtime Oklahoma resident has been chasing his own dream down many roads for a long time. He’s hit the occasional pothole that sidelined him for awhile, never veering from his internal call to chronicle life’s ups and downs. “I’ve always been motivated by and came up under the style of old Woody Guthrie songs,” LaRue says. “It’s always been about talking to the people.” Hence you have the laid-back, conversational style found on Stoney LaRue’s newest album project, AVIATOR, his debut for eOne Entertainment. Don’t be fooled…LaRue has lit up and burned down a honky-tonk a time or two, becoming a Red Dirt/Texas Music circuit mainstay known for high-energy shows, and that intensity is found on AVIATOR as well, on tracks like “It’s Too Soon”, “Golden Shackles” and an album ending “Studio A JAM” not to be missed.

But its tunes like “First One To Know,” the opener “One And Only” and the vivid, memory-filled title track that give AVIATOR it’s thread, trying to find a path amidst loss and life changes, redemption and reinvention. “The theme is, essentially, following direction, trusting in yourself, and new beginnings,” LaRue says. “A lot of it is spurred from divorce and open-eyed ways of looking at things, be it relationships or just the world as a whole.”

But while AVIATOR was crafted at the tail end of some personal upheaval, Larue took comfort and energy from re-teaming with creative partners from previous projects, such as songwriter Mando Saenz and the producers of his last studio record Velvet, veteran hit makers Frank Liddell and Mike McCarthy.

The term “organic” gets used far too frequently in music today, but it’s hard to find a more apt one to describe Liddell, McCarthy and LaRue’s process making AVIATOR. From recording analog on two-inch tape, to one-take performances by world-class studio musicians gathered as a band, AVIATOR’s tracks crackle with an energy you’re only going to find from hard-fought teamwork forged in the studio.

It’s a process LaRue knows runs counter to the “record today, release later today” modern day music business machine. “I understand it, that people want the product and artists want to get it out there as soon as possible,” he notes. “But that kind of goes against what the natural way of letting art happen.”

And there’s art to be found on AVIATOR, be it the cheeky shuffle found on “Moving On,” the delicate weave of piano and pedal steel meshing memories on “Still Running,” the churning pulse of “Spitfire” turning onto the two-stepping moment found on “Million Dollar Blues” and Stoney’s honoring of one of his heroes on “Natural High”.

“It was worth every moment we spent, and there’s stuff going on here that makes me think, ‘This is the way music is supposed to be recorded,'” LaRue continues. The rooted-in-tradition nature of making AVIATOR has spun off into LaRue’s live performances as well. He tells a story of a recent gig in Longview, Texas, where he spoke to a man at the venue who had seen LaRue (and everything else you can see at a bar) a time or two.

“He told me, ‘I’ve heard you since you first started. I just turned 64. What I heard tonight was a more refined Stoney, and I thought to myself, “I can connect with what he’s saying”,'” LaRue says. “I like the ability to connect with people at any age, whether it might be sonically or to the depth of what they’re willing to think. I like to think, and I like for people to think. It’s a little bit of a lost art these days.

“I want that human element to still be apparent in my writing,” he continues. “Whenever we’re on stage, I notice that people, rather than just standing there swaying back and forth; it’s more of an experience show than it is dance hall music.

“I’ve noticed that some people dance, some people stand there and listen, some mouths are open, and some heads are bowed. Everybody experiences it differently.”
But while a lot of thought, care, consideration and skill has been put into the making of AVIATOR, don’t ask Stoney LaRue what Stoney LaRue sounds like. One, it’ll bring on a certain amount of brain freeze, and two, he wants you to think through it yourself.

“I’d say its a little combination of rootsy rock, country, folk, and whatever else is in the hodge podge, and separate as much of the pride and ego from it, and put it in a format that’s easy to listen to,” LaRue eventually concedes. “But I don’t think the listener can get it in a 20-second format. I don’t think they’d get it in a day. It’s one of those things that has to be word-of-mouth and experienced themselves.

“As far as the listener is concerned, that’s who it’s for,” LaRue continues. “The music came out of me for a reason, and it’s not supposed to be just for me. I want to share it with as many people as possible. If I’ve done that, then they have the option to embrace it or put it down. I just want it to be available to them.”
So take your nearest available audio device — queue up the playlist or pop in that CD — put your thinkin’ shades on and spin up AVIATOR. Stoney LaRue wants you to find yourself in it…yourself.




—    Saturday, November 19th, 2016    —


Before the Game:
Sidetrack Band

After the Game:
Whiskey Bent


Whiskey Bent began writing and performing their own songs in 2012, beginning with the debut single “On The River,” which quickly became a top request on local country radio. Whiskey Bent followed up with a second single – “Every Bar’s Got One,”and released four songs on its first EP. In 2013, with its EP gaining momentum and increased radio airplay, Whiskey Bent expanded its fan base by booking shows beyond its central Nebraska roots, playing in surrounding states such as Iowa, South Dakota, and others. The band also increased its national presence, opening and playing alongside artists such as Jake Owen, Jerrod Niemann and The Lost Trailers. Whiskey Bent is currently in its busiest year of touring, playing more than 90 live shows. In addition to being one of the most sought-after club bands in the Midwest, Whiskey Bent is a regular on the summer county fair and country music festival circuit, including the popular Kicker Country Stampede in Manhattan, Kans. Riding the success of its first EP, the band also released Its first full-length album in July 2014, which includes eight original songs and two live cuts. Zach spent time at Station West studio in Nashville, recording songs written by established songwriters such as Jamey Johnson. He Co-wrote and recorded “Like Him” – a song about his grandfather – as part of a solo project that was released in November 2015. For upcoming show information, news and photos of Tim Zach and Whiskey Bent, visit



—    Saturday, December 3rd, 2016    —


The Emmett Bower Band is a rock influenced alt country act born in Nebraska in late October, 2010. The band has had member changes since the beginning and now the current line up is Jeffrey Emmett Bower – acoustic/electric guitars and lead vocals, Jeff Chelewski electric guitar, Troy Johnson – bassjo/electric bass/upright bass, Josh Rector – fiddle/mandolin/harmonica, Matty Sanders – drums/percussion.

The band plays upwards of a 100 shows per year and has played Nashville/Austin and toured the nation. They have shared the stage with the likes of Randy Rogers Band, Roger Creager, Jason Boland and the Stragglers, Bart Crow, Jackson Taylor, Gloriana, Sonia Leigh, No Justice, Thomas Rhett, Jon Pardi, and many others. They have released two self produced records under their own record label It’s A Party Records. They are currently ready to record a 3rd album. Four songs have been played on radio stations in Nebraska, Kansas, and Tennessee on regular rotation. “You saved me”, “Rearview”, “Before She’s Gone”, the current single “Lakin'”! They have grown into larger venues and dance halls playing streetdances, rodeos, weddings and festivals. They pride themselves by writing their own music their own way. There is nothing in the way and these boyz mean business… “it’s all neckbones baby”



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Sheila Greenland’s career started at the early age of six when she performed at local music festivals. Since then, she has won numerous vocal competitions and impressively made it to the finals of TV’s “Nashville Star.” Sheila regularly writes, records and tours. She performs several nights each month, and has opened for such major acts as Brad Paisley, JoDee Messina, and Sara Evans.

Brad Kulwicki – Lead Guitar
Travis Kilpatrick – Drums
Sheila Greenland – Lead Vocals
Brian “Pickle” Gerkensmeyer – Bass



—    Saturday, December 10th, 2016    —


5 Mile Bridge is a high-energy country/classic rock cover band from Lincoln, NE. With a combined 60 years of live entertainment experience, 5 Mile Bridge is a multi-instrumental group that has a multitude of different musical backgrounds. Playing with a continuing strive for perfection, 5MB delivers the hottest new and past country hits, along with your classic rock favorites. With the audience as the priority, they strive to always make changes to accommodate the requests of our listeners and bring a high level of energy to the entertainment they provide.

Sponsored by Liquid Nitro Energy Drinks, this ensemble has been said by many to be a cut above the rest.

5 Mile Bridge has opened for many national acts such as; Frankie Ballard, Kyle Park, Jason Boland, Stoney LaRue and Western Underground.

5 Mile Bridge plays a variety of genres including current and classic country hits, classic rock, and incorporating a mixture of guitar, keys, fiddle, mandolin, and modern sounds into their show.